In addition to making oil paintings, limited edition photographic prints are now available.
Each image is limited to 100. Signed, numbered and boxed framed to archival standards under clear glass, NZD$1250.

The following images are currently available as prints:

Image Print Size
The White Door (2001)   448mm x 600mm  
Towards Te Aroha (2002)   318mm x 800mm  
Free Range (2004)   500mm x 500mm  
Peninsula (2006)   400mm x 600mm  
Farmers Road (2002)   480mm x 600mm  
On The Plains (2001)   296mm x 700mm  
Route 27, Tahuna (2006)   270mm x 700mm  
Approaching Ngatea (2003)   500mm x 500mm  

Click on the image names or thumbnails above to view a full-screen representation of the print.
Please note other images from the gallery page are available as prints, some exclusions apply.
Image detail and clarity of the actual prints far exceeds that shown on this website.

Please contact Rick directly to order: 022 473 0102, rick@richardshanks

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