Sarah-Jane - Jazz, blues and soul singer    
Silverblue is Sarah-Jane's jazz band. Enjoying success on Waiheke and beyond, silverblue can be booked for wedding gatherings or special events. Silverblue also features Richard Shanks on the harmonica and Peter Reilly on guitar & vocals.

"Music is not about thinking, its about instinct and feeling, so to write about what inspires me musically is confounding. Obviously being a vocalist, a great voice inspires me, and great musical talent inspires me also, but the list of inspirational artists is too long to even begin to write.

So I will put this simply, above all else I am inspired by the voice. It’s the essence, the timbre, the uniqueness. The scope of emotion, of beauty, of elation and desperation. It’s the tangible and the intangible.

My professional jazz career began in 2004 when I formed the three piece jazz band “Rouge”. I performed with The Rouge Jazz Trio at weddings and Corporate events, (at the The Mudbrick Vineyard, The Estate and The Dunes on Waiheke Island). We also had a weekly gig on Thursdays at The Cats Tango Bar and were selected to play at various sponsored events on Waiheke Island.

I now work with a number of other musicians forming duos, trios and quartets, and have accumulated a large repetoir of over 80 jazz, blues and soul songs."


Mark Cross    
New Zealand born artist Mark Cross is considered one of the South Pacific's leading contemporary realist painters. Based in the central Polynesian island of Niue, Mark Cross works are sought after by collectors from the Pacific rim and further afield. Employing landscapes often with people in them, Mark Cross works are well known for imparting a social message that speaks of mankind's delinquent abuse of his home the Earth. They speak of the world but are intrinsically Pacific. Mark Cross exhibits regularly in New Zealand.

Mark Cross' paintings speak to me of mysterious truths, beyond those the images initially appear to reveal.



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